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Zwei-Stein Update Info

Gecko by Ask Your Sister - Andy's latest video (made with ZS4)

To find out more or buy the CD visit:

In response to our own concerns regarding dependency on microsoftware among other things, we have created a new multi-platform compositor called ZS4.
This one runs on Windows, Linux and soon Mac OSX. (Zwei-Stein 3 will not be upgraded)

An "alpha" version of ZS4 is already available from where you will find downloads, videos created with ZS4, tutorials etc. Please create an account over there if you would like to be kept informed of its progress (You can subscribe to different areas of the website if you sign in).

In exchange for not being able to import Zwei-Stein 3.01 projects, and having to learn a new interface, ZS4 offers you:
  • User defined output size
  • Much improved keying tools
  • Uncompressed output including iyuv and motion-png (preserves transparency)
  • No 3.5 minute video limitation on Windows (as of v0.928)
  • Much greater flexibility with effects
  • Limitless sub-arrangements
  • 48khz audio
Plus, we're actually working on it, so most bugs will be fixed almost as soon as you report them in our forum on

A couple other notes: ZS4 is only free for personal use. Commercial use license is comparitively cheap though. Details on
It does not run very well on slow machines at this point. We're recommending at least a 1GHZ processor with 512 mb ram. A faster processor would be nice.

Thanks for great tips! Essay

Thanks for great tips!

You just gave me a great idea

You just gave me a great idea.
I love what you guys are always up too.
Nice posts, thank you! I am happy I have visited this website.
BTW, I like experimenting with my website, and i can advise, if you add some widgets to your website , you will be able not only to enjoy the automatic change of your desktop background, but also to listen to nice music easily directly from any music search engine.

Great to see supporting linu

Great to see supporting linux..

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