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Zwei-Stein 3.01 FAQ | - Video Editing Software and More

Zwei-Stein 3.01 FAQ

Gecko by Ask Your Sister - Andy's latest video (made with ZS4)

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Is Zwei-Stein freeware?
Yes it is.

Is there EVER going to be a new release of this software?
Yes. Waveman and Fotoman were its first modules. Version 4 exists now as alpha release and is available from NOTE: zs4 is a complete re-write and cannot read Zweistein 3.01 project files.

How do I import an audio track?
Import an audio track the same way you import a video track. By selecting "Import Video" from the file menu. I realize this could be confusing. You can also import jpeg and bmp files in this fashion. All tracks go into the arrangement window and you can move them up and down to suit your needs. Note: Mp3 encoded audio tracks will not work very nicely. The audio tracks should be wav 44.1 khz.

Does Zwei-Stein import MPG files?
We think so. However, if the audio is encoded as Mp3, it will get garbled. There is no Mp3 decoder in Zwei-Stein 3.01.

Will Z-S record from a DV camera?
There is a DV capture program included in your Zwei-Stein download. It records to DV type 2 format.