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Gecko by Ask Your Sister - Andy's latest video (made with ZS4)

To find out more or buy the CD visit:

t@b Directory Uploader

Upload a complete directory to an FTP server, including all subdirectories from a user-friendly interface. Features automatic (no user input required) retry until all files have successfully uploaded.
This program runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

t@b Media Converter (linux/osx/win32)

This utility will convert a great variety of video and audio formats into files which both zs3 and ZS4 can read/import.

Under the hood are command line utilities like Sox and Mencoder and (Real)Producer.

t@b FTP batch Uploader (for win32,linux,osx)

this command line utility was created for the purpose of uploading complete directories to an ftp server. in fact, the last bunch of t@b software releases (since v0.934) at the t@b devel site have been uploaded with this utility.

t@b RIFF/AVI/MOV dump utility (linux,osx,windows)

this command line utility will scan and dump out the structure of a RIFF file (*.wav,*avi,*.mov,*.qt and *.sf2 etc.). i use it primarily to figure out the AVI codec fourCC's of a video stream. i also have used it frequently to get detail information on avi header and wave header structures within avi files.

ZS4 Video Editing Software

ZS4 Video Editing Software (next generation Zwei-Stein Video Editor) is available for download for the Linux and Windows platforms from this website:
ZS4 is free as in free beer.

t@b Icon Ripper (free ico2png) command line utility for windows

this command line utility simply scans a directory for windows icons and saves all icons found as png image files with gradient transparency support. it is a cool (command line) icon to png converter. Png are increasingly popular with web designers as replacements for gif (grafic-interchange-failure) files.

t@b setup compressor compiler (exe maker on windows)

tabscc falls into the "free self extracting executable maker" category. tabscc also allows you to specify which file should be launched immediately after the self-extracting executable is done decompressing/unpacking. this "launch" file may be any kind of file, including, but not necessarily an executable file.

Zwei-Stein Video Editor 3.01

Download Zwei-Stein Video Editor Zwei-Stein 3.01 is a freeware non-linear, non-destructive video compositing and editing system which offers many advanced features unavailable elsewhere.

t@b Waveman Features

Waveman is a player and viewer of wave formatted audio files.

t@b Fotoman Features

Fotoman is a photo viewer which has rotate, zoom, crop, slideshow and DIG features.