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Gecko by Ask Your Sister - Andy's latest video (made with ZS4)

To find out more or buy the CD visit:

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New t@b CD "New Teeth on Stage"

Thugs at Bay have released a new CD "New Teeth on Stage". You can watch a video of one of the songs below.
The album is currently on sale (to download as MP3s) for $5.99 from CDBaby.
For more music and video visit t@b's music site at

New Thugs at Bay CD!

Thugs at Bay have released their 7th recording "Look at them Apples".

Click here for videos of songs from the CD and/or visit t@b's music website

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t@b in summer 2008

t@b has been working intensely with zs4 over the last 4 months. They filmed a live show at a local theatre using 5 digital video cameras and a digital multitrack audio recording system. The result, a unique concert DVD (trailer), is available starting June 6, 2008, for only $20. Also, t@b will perform live in Ontario in June 2008. Catch them in person there if you like.

What's Happening with zs4 Development?

More and more often we're being queried about the lack of activity on our software projects. Obviously they still exist ( zs4 and the oldZweiStein ), but no new releases have been forthcoming for many months. This little message is meant to keep our users up to date on our activities and our plans. Read on if you're interested.

t@b releases brand new CD: "thugs at bay"

t@b is releasing a brand new audio CD, titled "thugs at bay" on December 8, 2007. For more information about this click here or visit the t@b music web site

New Music Video by t@b - A Clean and Healthy Choice

t@b has published a new music video to go with their brand new CD “A Canadian in Berlin”. The video is attached to this article in 3 different formats. Click on the title or the photo on the left to get to the download.


New t@b CD

The creators of ZS4 and the old Zwei-stein 3.01 video compositing programs have just realeased their 3rd Audio CD, titled "A Canadian in Berlin".

This CD contains 13 tracks altogether, some like the title track "A Canadian in Berlin" are original compositions while others like "No More Blues" (Jobim) and "Love for Sale" (Porter) are old time favourite jazz songs.

"Banana", Music Video with t@b and Friends

On Saturday, April 29 2006, t@b released a music video titled “Banana” which was edited with ZS4, t@b's free video editing software. The new recording of “Banana” features two new musical friends of t@b participating in both the recording and the filming of this track. That's Rick Clayton, who plays the drums and Nicholas Tipney, playing a Vector Violin, made by himself, of course.

t@b Directory Uploader

Upload a complete directory to an FTP server, including all subdirectories from a user-friendly interface. Features automatic (no user input required) retry until all files have successfully uploaded.
This program runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

t@b Media Converter (linux/osx/win32)

This utility will convert a great variety of video and audio formats into files which both zs3 and ZS4 can read/import.

Under the hood are command line utilities like Sox and Mencoder and (Real)Producer.

Mom's Piano - ZS4 Demo Video

Here's a new video involving mom's piano and t@b. this one was done with zs4 v0.939

ZS4 Video Editing Software

ZS4 Video Editing Software (next generation Zwei-Stein Video Editor) is available for download for the Linux and Windows platforms from this website:
ZS4 is free as in free beer.

A Canadian in Berlin Music Video

This music video was made in 1999, using Zwei-Stein < 3.01